The Scales of War

Scales of War: Chapter 1, Session 1

Our Heroes Find a New Client

  • Keltharr – Halfling Rogue
  • Ragefang – Dragonborn Barbarian
  • Randor Bronzedong – Dwarven Bard / Field Physician
  • Tor – Longtooth Shifter Warden

The nameless mercenary band, perviously known as ‘Fortune’s Pilgrims’ found themselves in Brindol after eight days traveling by caravan. During the journey nothing notable happened, although no new name was settled on.

In the town, the party members each pursued separate leads as their fancy took them. By evening, they had all reunited in the Antler and Thistle, a pub not far from their rented rooms.

Without warning, a small party of hobgoblins burst into the tavern, committing wanton destructive acts, and brandishing fire. Inside the confined space of tables, chairs and patrons, the hobgoblin threat was eventually mitigated and the fire contained. The party rested while hearing similar incursions in the distance.

A bloodied patrol happened by the tavern, bringing news of other attacks, and explaining that the aggressors were the Red Hand bandits. Without much more time to converse or consider, more assailants appeared outside the tavern, including a large ogre wielding a club and explosives, and two hobgoblins.

During the battle, a drunken Randor was quite nearly killed after getting far too close to the ogre’s club. Things took a turn in the party’s favor, however, when Ragefang and Tor were able to turn the explosive barrels against the enemy. Several messy explosions later, and the street was still once more.

More guards, no doubt alarmed by the sound of explosions made it to the street in front of the Antler and Thistle. Seeing the success of the party, they requested assistance at the town bridge, repelling a larger force of invaders.

At the bridge, the party found the hobgoblins on the run. After a few short conversations about the meaning and implications of the attack, the party returned to their inn.

In the morning, the party surveyed the damage and took advantage of some destruction by ‘salvaging’ some alcohol from burned out taverns (although admittedly, this was mostly Randor).

Near the bridge, a guardsman recognized the party and informed them that councilman Troyas was searching for them at their inn. Randor and Kelthar went back to meet with the councilman, and learned that the Brindol’s council (typically untrusting of mercenaries, but impressed by stories of valor from the night before) was willing to hire the party for a special job.

The Red Hand had resurfaced recently after twenty years of dormancy, but until the previous night had not done much damage. During the night, however, they made off with seven citizens and five important artifacts from the Hall of Great Valour.

Troyas offered 200 Gold Pieces for the return of all seven citizens, and 200 gold for the return of all artifacts (see below). He informed the party also, that a captured hobgoblin was shackled in the city square: an asset to the party if they intended to find the Red Hand’s base of operations.

After a brief interrogation with the captured enemy, they learned that Sinruth himself (the leader of the Red Hand) presumably took the artifacts himself. Keltharr also noticed that the Red Hand insignia on the hobgoblin was different from the historical insignia, possibly hinting at an indirect continuity.

Sinruth apparently desired to establish his own kingdom, and eventually the hobgoblin agreed to draw a map to Castle Rivenroar, the headquarters of the new Red Hand. He also informed the party that the captured citizens were likely intended as sacrifices for undead horrors found in the catacombs occupied by the Red Hand.

The party departed at once, beating a path through the forest using the map as a guide, arriving at Castle Rivenroar’s entrance and a party of waiting goblins.

The goblins were quickly wasted by the party, who took a moment to prepare before descending into the dungeon.

(End of Session)

Captured Citizens:
  • Jelissa – Acolyte of Ioun (female)
  • Sertanian – Castellan of the Hall of Great Valour (male)
  • Thurnan – Son of Kartinix (boy)
  • Kartenix – Guard Captain (male)
  • Mirtala – Cook (female)
  • Zerkicsa – Senior Citizen (female)
  • Adronsias – Alchemist (male dwarf)
  • Ornate Dragon Crest Helm
  • Ceremonial platinum longsword
  • Set of Red Hand shields with holes
  • Set of decorative gauntlets
  • Battlestandard of two shaking hands.



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