Randor Bronzedong

A saucy dwarven physician


Randor is a thirty some-odd year old itinerant dwarf, who has seen fit to partner with the rest of the party. His history is largely unknown to those around him, and that is exactly how he likes it. In fact, that is exactly why he continues to wander to this day.

Most anyone who knows anything could tell you that ‘Bronzedong’ is not a genuine dwarven clan, so it is safe to assume that Randor is going by a false name. Something indicates that Randor suffered some trauma in his early years, and although nothing is for certain, people that have known Randor longer than his current party have had reason to believe that he is one of few survivors from a war decades prior to the current campaign.

Writing a time-line of Randor’s life is difficult for those who know him, and nearly impossible for Randor himself due to a drinking problem that significantly fuzzes up past events in his mind. In the here-and-now he is a dwarf with decent military training, and proficiency in various methods of medicine. Along his travels, he has also picked up a talent for the arcane and music. He is rarely seen very far from his companion, the crow familiar named Huginn. Randor has a taste for fine food, tall tales, taller drinks, and well-built women.

Randor Bronzedong

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