Drexxor Albondrakkar Ragefang



HP 43 SPD 6 INIT 1 STR 18 CON 16 DEX 10 INT 12 WIS 10 CHA 12 AC 16 FORT 17 REF 13 WILL 12

Maul: Hammer 2d6


The Ragefang tribe has followed the great gold dragon Drexxor (more commonly called Ragefang because of his ferocity in battle) who was once a general in the army of arkhosia, after the fall of the empire he took his followers and fled high in the mountains and began his clan. The Ragefang tribe wishes to restore the honor of all dragonborn back to the way it was in the time of the empire.

Drexxor Albondiel Ragefang comes from this tribe of dragonborn barbarians found high in the Dragon Spine Mountains. He was born the son of the Ragefang chief, Kraizzar Ragefang. As soon as he could walk his father began training him to be a fearsome warrior, and he spent much of his adolescence learning the ways of his tribe and how to fight. He was named Drexxor after the clans patron, by the dragon himself because of his belief that Kraizzar’s son would be one of the greatest warriors born to the tribe.

At the age of 16 Ragefang was sent into the wide world until he could prove himself worthy of taking his father’s position as leader of the tribe. Drexxor has taken it upon himself to not return until he knows he is strong enough to defeat any threat that would come against him and to do all in his power to restore the honor of his people. To prove his worth, he has been given an ancient axe passed down in his family from the time of Arkhosia. The axe’s powers can only be unleashed by a worthy warrior of Arkhosia, and Drexxor is determined to prove himself powerful enough to wield the mighty weapon.

After being sent out he spent most of his time alone honing his skills and strength before travelling to any neighbouring villages. He spent the better of his next year in solitary training. Honing his muscles endurance to become the fearsome warrior he is today. When he finally felt he was ready he began travelling to the villages, first trying to find any way to make some small name for himself, but there weren’t many who would tolerate such an intimidating creature in their homes for long.

After another year of travel he finally came upon the small port of Luskar. After a few days in the town Ragefang quickly realized that the town was really full of gangs and the scum of the world which was really why he was tolerated within the city. It was a place for misfits like himself.

One day he was standing in the street and a small human child approached him and asked for help. The boy said that he was being chased by a bunch of bandits and he needed help. Finally seeing an opportunity to help someone one he burst into action. The five burly men rounded the corner to find a 7 foot, 350lb wall of angry dragon muscle blocking their way to their prey. The men attacked. Ragefang handled the puny (compared to him) gang members easily, even 5 to 1. Then suddenly one of the men pulled a knife from behind him and Drexxor was left with no chance to escape. He thought it was over. Instead, the blade strike was interrupted by the small child from before who suddenly appeared with daggers in his hands and made quick work of the would-be killer.

After the fight, members of the cities small militia arrived and took the two of them to the towns small jail. It was here that Drexxor finally figured out that the boy from before was actually a Halfling named Kelthar. The two were told by the city official that they were to be sentenced to death for killing one of the men in the brawl. Drexxor couldn’t belive it, he knew all of the men had been beaten badly, but none of their wounds were fatal. After the official left Kelthar informed him that the official was actually the boss of the gang who attacked them. He then casually pulled out a lock picking set and freed them from their cell. Drexxor and Kelthar then escaped from Luskar to the anger of the town official, Grigor Arathmen.

The next year was rough, they traveled together from town to town, fighting everything from goblins and orcs in the wild, to crazy drunks in bars. Eventually they came to the city of Worthendom. The two were very short on cash and registered as gladiators in the arena.

The two spent the next few years until present making a name for themselves as a duo of gladiators until they were forced to fight each other at which point they quit and moved on Fallcrest and joined the group known as “Fortune’s Pilgrims.” Their first assignment of which was to aide a group of new members who had gone ahead to investigate a cult.

So after all that I’m sure you don’t remember anything…so:

History: -grew up as the “prince” of a tribe of dragonborn -cares strongly for his tribe and opposes all enemies of Arkhosia -Has been travelling all over and may be known by some as a famous gladiator -has been travelling with his friend Kelthor for almost 3 years and together they have formed a powerful fighting team

Lately: -Left gladiators and joined the team -still trying to get stronger and earn the respect of his tribe

Acquaintances: -Other members from his tribe -Other Gladiators -Kelthar (Duh) -Members of Grigor Arathmen’s gang

Mannerisms: -Strong sense of honor -Knowledge and passion for glory of Arkhosia -Strong ties to his only true friend throughout the years, Kelthar -Worships Bahamut as he was the ruler of Arkhosia -Hates all enemies of Arkhosia (tieflings, metallic dragons, worshippers of Tiematt)

Drexxor Albondrakkar Ragefang

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